We service all Game Consoles

Are you looking for game console repair services?

We offer an extensive range of professional game console repairs for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and other game consoles. 

Our experts will diagnose and repair your game console as soon as you drop it off on our store and make sure to get your device back in your hands ASAP.

PlayStation Repair

Our experts here are trained to diagnose and repair any PS game console you may have issues with. From the first PlayStation Portable to the latest and in-demand PlayStation5, we’ve got all your PlayStation repair needs covered.

Start your repair by requesting a quote and we’ll get back to you with pricing and further instructions on how to get your game console to us.

On the lookout for a PlayStation accessory repair? We offer those too. Our technicians can fix controllers, headsets, and many more!

Xbox Repair

Do you have an Xbox console that needs professional repair? Cellular Zone has professional solutions for your Xbox issues. Our extensive range of Xbox repairs includes all models of the Xbox, from the classic Xbox to the Xbox Series X.

Book an appointment and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with pricing and further instructions on how to begin your game console repair. Just fill out the contact field and tell us about your Xbox’s issue.

Nintendo Repair

Before Xbox and PlayStation, Nintendo was the king of game consoles. We fully acknowledge that and made sure our technicians are always ready to repair Nintendo game consoles for our customers!

We offer a big range of repairs for Nintendo TV consoles, Nintendo handheld consoles, and Nintendo Switch models.

Get started by booking a repair. It’s as simple as filling out the contact fields and telling us a bit about the issues you’re having with your Nintendo console. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with pricing and instructions to get your game console repair started.